Casa Italia Ltd


About us.

Casa Italia have about 50years experience in the working of natural stone from our italian company with its primary objective to satisfy the customer with quality products from Italian manufacture; in our business we guarantee reliability and professionalism.

Our work starts with the continuous research of new materials and their possible uses, always updating the available technologies.

We give you the best.


The use of marble, and stone in general, was particularly important in the ancient world because it was linked to the construction of countless buildings, both public (baths, forums, theatres, amphitheatres) and private (villas), which assimilated enormous quantities of stone material. 

This NATURAL STONE has BEEN USED in Italy for more than TWO THOUSAND YEARS, and the knowledge of how to work it has been handed down from generation to generation and is recognised throughout the modern world.


Casa Italia is the fourth generation engaged in the manufacture and supply of stone materials for the Italian and foreign markets, which over the years has seen development in the European market, then in the Middle East and then Asia an Usa. 

Today, in addition to natural stone such as MARBLE, GRANITE, ONYX and QUARTZITE, we have entered the CERAMIC and PORCELAIN market, which can offer technologically perfect solutions in various applications such as facade cladding due to its lightness compared to stone material.


Our passion for our work pushes us beyond the limits, we put our SOUL into it because that is what our predecessors taught us. We always try to please the customer but first of all to please ourselves with our work. We offer first-class materials because our work is our calling card. 

We look for materials that can elevate any environment, from private homes to public and institutional spaces.

We are committed from SURVEY and DESIGN to SUPPLY and INSTALLATION.

What we do.


First step will be the personal inspection and survey in person with the use of laser detectors for the subsequent technical graphic restitution with millimetre precision. Thisi is the first step and very important to be able to supply the right material in the right size to suit the customer's requirements.


We always try to adapt the client's requests to our experience by collaborating with architects and designers to elevate our proposal, from the simple 2d development to the photorealistic 3d rendering in order to show the client the vision of the design space. We can also design comlex shape like fountains, statues.


We can supply a wide range of natural and man-made products such as ceramics in different standard formats up to cut-to-size and slab supply. Thanks to the use of the latest machines available, processing allows us to break down the limitations that until recently restricted the use of these materials.


We install from the floor to the covering up to the most complex curved pieces with specialized personnel, accustomed to traveling the world to install natural stone for villas and buildings of any kind.